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happy weekend!


Happy weekend everyone! I have kept myself busy with errands, trying to find part-time employment and keeping up with my crafty self. And i’ve enjoyed every minute of it so far.

Weekend plans: Husband and I will be standing in line at the REI Scratch and Dent sale in the morning (yippeeee!) and then potentially hitting up the Farmer’s Market and also, cleaning out my office at work (not so yipppeeee). Ah well. That’s life. There may also be some lounging and getting tan by my parents pool. And other general laziness. I’m quite excited about it.

What are your weekend plans?

P.S. The print above is from Kate of For Me, For You’s Etsy shop. I am so in love with her photography, and just about everything else she does – this print is my absolute favorite. One day when I have extra money again – this will be purchased!



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lets get lost

{via Le Love}

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Happy Friday! This has been one of the longest weeks ever for me (which I realized on Tuesday afternoon, when I really believed it was already Friday!).

Plans for the weekend:

* Finishing my last few hair pieces and getting them up in the new Etsy shop – hoping to have it launched this week!

* Picking up paint for our living room and bedroom –
cannot wait to get some color on the walls.

* Spending time with my family on Mother’s Day up at my precious grandparents’ farm. Excited about seeing them.

*Two Words: Star Trek!

* Wishing I had time for some thrift store shopping this weekend.
I need some new summer dresses.

What are you up to this weekend?

{photo via Photoholic}

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