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why do you let me stay here…

I should probably just rename my blog to I love Zooey Deschanel more than you, or something of that sort due to my recent blog topics. So if you hate her, do not click the image below. However, if you find her to be absolutely adorable and want to be best friends with her, click it. You will love.



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dear zooey & joseph,


(500) Days Of Summer was adorable even if husband didn’t like it and thought it tried way too hard. I loved you both before, and I love you more now.

Thanks for making a movie that was written for me {and people like me}. I appreciate it.

p.s. joseph – you are more adorable now than when i had a crush on you when you were in Angels In The Outfield and Ten Things I Hate About You. i like that about you.



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