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happy love day.

happy valentine’s day!

hope your day was filled with love and happiness, regardless of where you were or what you were doing. the husband and I had a pretty laid back day that involved McDonald’s (hey, that’s what baby Matilda wants!) and Lars And The Real Girl, which I had never seen before but fell in love with.

{not sure where I found this image originally, but it was my desktop background for almost a year, and I think it is perfect for today – if you know where it came from, can you let me know so I can source it correctly??}

love you all!



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red velvet art

dearest blog,

I am so so so very sorry at what a slacker I have been as of late at keeping you up to date with all the random things that have been exciting me. I promise, I will do better. Things have just been so crazy in the Arnold household, but I think they are calming down, which means more time for being inspired and posting all the lovely little things that are making me happy.

A big one is this:

As part of my birthday (coming up in 1 week and 2 days!) I am going to be starting RedVelvetArt’s Online Style School Class. YAY! A description of the things we will be working on is on Elsie’s blog A Beautiful Mess. I seriously cannot wait.

Other things that are making me happy today – getting to see New Moon for a second time with two great friends who enjoyed it as much as I did.

Now I need to go make some dinner for the husband and I – and then, some cleaning, and Christmas decorating!




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happy thursday!



This week has been crazy – I need to be careful next time I pray that God would bring new opportunities into my life, because He has. ! I have worked 2 shifts at Anthropologie, babysat, and get to watch my sweet little niece {pictured above} all day tomorrow. On top of my normal housewifey duties, its been a lot to take on after not having anything for the last almost three months.


I absolutely love working retail. There is something therapeutic to me about being around all those gorgeous fabrics, colors and design. The store alone is enough to keep me artistically inspired for a very long time. Love it. {the shoes above are from there. i am obsessed with them.}

this weekend, we have a halloween party at one of jon’s coworker’s house – still trying to think up costume ideas – i don’t want to buy anything, so i’m debating pulling out one of my 50’s day dresses, and going as a 50’s housewife. not too creative, but easy, and i won’t have to spend any money. which is always a plus. what are you guys dressing up as for halloween?

sorry for the picture quality – these were taken with the iPhone. and for the choppy nature of this post.



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and we’re off!


Some girlfriends and I are heading to Phoenix this weekend to visit friends, and I am so excited for the trip!! I’m sad to be away from the husband for the WHOLE ENTIRE weekend, but we will survive it. (that’s what mobile phones and video chat are for, right??)

so have a fabulous weekend! I will see you next week!

{image via i can read}


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ten things…

Naomi over at Rockstar Diaries posted her ten favorite things today, and I was inspired to come up with my own. I want to read yours too, so leave a comment below, or email them to me at rachel.elizabeth.arnold{at}gmail.com.


ten things that make me happy.

1. cuddling with my husband, especially
on mornings we don’t have to get up early
2. perfect cups of coffee
3. reading a book while laying under a shaded tree
4. feeling the ocean touch my toes for the first time each year
5. bike rides in the evening
6. spending time with my beautiful sister
7. creating beautiful things with my own hands
8. polaroids
9. flea markets/antique stores/thrift stores
10. road trips with my husband, because he makes everything more fun.

{image via fffound}


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