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happy crafting day to meeee.

This week, I will be crafting up a storm for “Christmas In The Country,” a craft fair I am participating in this weekend with a friend in Dickson. If you don’t have any plans, you should come out!! Its only a $1 admission, and is all day Saturday, then Sunday afternoon. This is my very first craft fair ever, and I am SO excited.

This weekend, I had to work on Halloween (which involved the rent-a-cop, who, may the world know, I thought was a fake. Especially when he told me to be on the lookout for Raggedy Ann and Andy. But then I realized, after laughing at him, that he was for real. haa.). So, I went trick or treating on Friday down on the square in Murfreesboro with this angel (this picture was taken when she realized we were letting her eat candy).

Cori Halloween

I mean, it doesn’t get any cuter than that, right?? 🙂

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful weekend – we enjoyed some amazing weather here in Nashville, and I will hopefully be posting some photos from our annual fall photoshoot that my sister and I make everyone participate in because of this incredible maple tree my parents have in their yard that turns the most amazing shades of yellow, red and orange. Right now its in the yellow stage, so i’m hoping to get even more photos as it continues to change.

Ok. On to crafting and watching Mad Men!


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dear blog,


i’m so sorry i’ve been so absent the last few weeks. i’ve felt very un-inspired of late, and have even been a little down in the dumps when it comes to the perfect job hunt, so i took it out on you. i didn’t post on you. i stayed away for fear i would post a poor pitiful me blog post. but then fall came. it got cold outside, and as i was driving through nashville the other day, i saw the first signs of the leaves changing. and it made me so very happy. i just had to come back and let you know! fall is my absolute favorite time of year – there is nothing better than tights, and scarves, and cider, and homemade hot cocoa, and snuggling under the covers, and all those other fun things that the cold weather allows that the horrible hot summer did not.


ps. i promise i will start visiting you more often dear little blog. i hate that i neglected you for so long.

{image via ffffound!}


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