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happy day to meee


I am sosososo excited because on Tuesday, I start working part-time at Anthropologie! !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really don’t think I can put into words how excited I am to be working again, and working somewhere that I absolutely adore, even part-time. I have been literally jumping up and down all day long. !

Thank you, dear blog readers, for all your thoughts and prayers and amazing-ness through the job hunt. Its not over yet, but this gives me something to do while waiting for the perfect job to happen. You just don’t know how much every encouragement and prayer, no matter how small, has meant to me. You guys are incredible, and I’m blessed to have friends and readers like you.

Now… to figure out how not to want to spend my entire paycheck every week at Anthro!!!



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anthropologie + hatch show print = happiness.

I just received my new Anthropologie catalog in the mail, and can’t stop looking through it. This is their annual music issue, and they partnered with Nashville’s very own Hatch Show Print to create it. If you don’t get it by mail, you can view it online. Some of their posters are visible, and the typography on each page is amazing. A few of my favorite pictures below:

anthro blog 1

anthro blog 2

And the artists that modeled for the magazine, including a new love of mine, Au Revoir Simone (who played here in Nashville this week, and I missed them. SAD!) are all amazing musicians – check them out, below, and by clicking the image.


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