I promise I haven’t run away…

Hello dear blog,

I’m so sorry for my lack of posting in 2010. I can’t believe its already February 12. A month and a half in, and the year is already flying by. Just a little update on life right now…

My belly has finally popped!! Its been fun seeing my body change, and feeling little movements inside. I am in love with being pregnant, and I can’t wait to meet our little Matilda in July. (Yes! we finally picked a name – Matilda Dot Arnold.) The husband and I are working out ideas for a maternity series (something similar to Cole’s at Pacing The Panic Room – a blog I have recently become obsessed with. I adore Ryan’s writing style, and have enjoyed reading back over their past posts on pregnancy with little Tessa!) We aren’t profesisonal photographers by any means, but can’t wait to take a stab at creating some fun memories we can look back on.

The nesting bug is starting to hit. I’m making all these fun little plans for the nursery. We got it painted, and have figured out a floorplan, so now its just on to crafting crafting crafting!! Yay! I’m also finally getting to the point where I can’t stand having a messy house (which anyone who knows me knows I am not a neat freak. AT ALL.). Its definitely a positive.

Recent obsessions: katie did, Ohdeedoh, Project Nursery, and any other blog I can find with fun baby things. Please send more along if you have any! I need inspiration.

Things I have not been doing: Style School. I suck. BIG TIME. I haven’t been feeling very crafty lately when it comes to things for myself. I’d rather make things for the little bean. However, I spent the money for Style School, and have adored all of the projects, so I am saving them all, so I can slowly get through it. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get more crafty, and learn more about their personal style. I love Elsie and LeighAnn and everyone else involved. I just haven’t had the time between baby obsession, Anthropologie and trying to still have a semblance of a life even though I’m tired ALL THE TIME!

I think that’s all I have for now. I’m really going to try to visit more often. I have loads of things I want to share with you, I just have to find the time to do it.


{image via we heart it}



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4 responses to “I promise I haven’t run away…

  1. Don’t worry! I’ve only done three style school projects! Ha! School has been keeping me WAY too busy. But at least we can keep the tutorials and then have them for the future!!! (So i’m glad I’m not the only one NOT being crafty)

  2. Jeff and Ashley

    of course you would pick an absolutely adorable name for the little one! so excited for you guys! – ash

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