hello new year!

Happy new year dear ones! So sorry I have been so absent this past month. Being pregnant+the holidays made me really really exhausted all the time, and so my dear little blog suffered. But I am back! And I hope to post more often (at least that’s one of my goals for this new year!).

Jon had almost 3 weeks off of work for Christmas, which was glorious. I’m so sad he had to go back to work this morning, as I’m sitting in bed all alone, instead of eating breakfast or cuddling with him! But I’m also so incredibly thankful that he has a good job that supports us (and our new addition, come July!) (why yes, the little tiny Arnold probably will come up in most of my blog posts from here on out. hope you don’t mind too much!)

We had an incredible Christmas spent with family, and a super laid back New Year’s with some good friends (that may have ended with me passed out on the couch at 11:00pm). Christmas was filled with lots of hot apple cider, pumpkin bread, too much candy from our stockings (which I am still enjoying), baby Arnold’s first presents ever, and just trying to savor each other and our family time as much as possible. We are incredibly blessed with families who believe the same way we do, and who all love spending time with each other. It was a wonderful time.

I hope you all had amazing Christmases and New Years as well. I’ve spent lots of time catching up on your blogs and reading about them (see, I haven’t been completely absent from the blogging world, just my own blog!).

Love you all dearly! Xoxo!

(p.s. sorry for the picture quality. iPhone+dimly lit restaurants=not very good pictures. But its the only one I took all of New Years! Oops!)



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3 responses to “hello new year!

  1. adorable photo!! cheers to 2010 and here’s to keeping our blogs updated! 🙂

  2. So I’m a little behind on this, but CONGRATS on baby Arnold!! I’m so excited for you guys – it’s definitely the ride of your life 🙂 I noticed you asked about books & websites in your last post…you’ve probably already gotten these suggestions, but I would highly recommend the books Baby Wise & What to Expect When You’re Expecting. There’s also one called Eating Well When You’re Expecting that was quite helpful for me through all the different stages (and I’m so sorry to hear you’re in the nausea one…ugh.). And check out the website babycenter.com – it has tons of great resources. Enjoy the ride!

  3. Happy new year to you too. I hope its wonderful!

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