red velvet art

dearest blog,

I am so so so very sorry at what a slacker I have been as of late at keeping you up to date with all the random things that have been exciting me. I promise, I will do better. Things have just been so crazy in the Arnold household, but I think they are calming down, which means more time for being inspired and posting all the lovely little things that are making me happy.

A big one is this:

As part of my birthday (coming up in 1 week and 2 days!) I am going to be starting RedVelvetArt’s Online Style School Class. YAY! A description of the things we will be working on is on Elsie’s blog A Beautiful Mess. I seriously cannot wait.

Other things that are making me happy today – getting to see New Moon for a second time with two great friends who enjoyed it as much as I did.

Now I need to go make some dinner for the husband and I – and then, some cleaning, and Christmas decorating!





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  1. janna

    Ugh. That website is like crack! One little taste and I just want more, more, more. Thanks alot. 😉

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