the civil wars.

Music has always played a huge part in my life. In middle school, when I got in trouble, my parents would ground my from anything related to The Beatles, because they knew that would teach me a bigger lesson than taking away television. In college, I chose to major in the Recording Industry program at MTSU, where I met my husband in one of our mutual classes. I then proceeded to work in the music industry for 5 years, up until just recently. All major moments of my life I can attribute certain songs, or genres of music to. I love it. I live it, I breathe it, I couldn’t live without it.

This band is one of those bands I know I will remember this part of my life by. I have listened to their live album more times than I can remember, and they have touched me in ways I can’t explain. I know I will be listening to them for a very long time. The song below, “Poison & Wine,” I first heard when I was having doubts about marriage, and what being married and loving someone unconditionally actually meant. And I think I probably cried uncontrollably in my car listening to it. The words are haunting, but sum up, to me, what love is all about.

Check out the official music video to “Poison & Wine,” and while you’re at it, go download their free live album (I mean, its free!!) Do it. You will not regret it.


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4 responses to “the civil wars.

  1. ash

    gosh talk about a hard time to first hear that song. that is one of my favs. it was so moving to hear them sing it live. but i hadn’t seen the video yet… what an INCREDIBLE concept for the song. perfect. wow. and thanks for being so honest. you’re truly a beautiful person.

  2. zachprichard

    Amazing song. Their voices sound so incredible together. So captivating. Loving the live album too.

  3. That was amazing. Wow. I am going to check out their website and probably download the free live album. I know what you mean about music and having a soundtrack to your life…I don’t even want to think what life would be like without it.

  4. I came across your blog by googling my name. lol

    Awesome song! I have never heard of it or the group. Thanks for sharing. Off to go check out the download.

    Congrats on the soon to be new baby!! It’s a blessing that is soooo amazing.


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