i’m dreaming of a white christmas…

rachel and tree

Soo, I convinced Jon that we needed to go with a white tree this year (which i’ve been dreaming about since seeing this Rachel’s white tree and adorable handmade Chrismas decor). I mentioned it on Twitter, because I am on a strict budget this year, and Annie came through!!! She found one for me at Wal-mart for only $35!! Say what you want, that was MUCH better than Target’s $199 white tree. I immediately ran out and bought it!!! And… its already up, as shown in the picture above:) I also picked up some Santa straws – because drinking out of a Santa straw makes everything taste better!

This week I’m super excited – doing some more training at Anthro, which I am pumped about, and also, getting together with Kristin to start planning out some fun Christmas crafting!! I’m thinking about some of the things below… any other ideas for things I can make??


{click pictures for links}


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2 responses to “i’m dreaming of a white christmas…

  1. i loooooove your tree! it’s so pretty. and i love all your christmas inspiration pics too. we just got back from buying more ornaments from target. i keep looking through all my ornaments. i can’t wait til christmas tree shopping day!!

    p.s. on marthastewart.com, i signed up for her daily craft and holiday workshop emails. the craft ones are cool, and right now they’re all thanksgiving or christmas related. you should check out her website for fun crafts. she has all kinds of pretty stuff!

    • thank you!!!!!! ahh. i went to Target earlier today and started a checklist of christmas stuff i want – they have so much cute stuff this year!!!!!

      and, i totally just signed up for the martha stewart emails! thanks for the tip:)

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