happy thursday!



This week has been crazy – I need to be careful next time I pray that God would bring new opportunities into my life, because He has. ! I have worked 2 shifts at Anthropologie, babysat, and get to watch my sweet little niece {pictured above} all day tomorrow. On top of my normal housewifey duties, its been a lot to take on after not having anything for the last almost three months.


I absolutely love working retail. There is something therapeutic to me about being around all those gorgeous fabrics, colors and design. The store alone is enough to keep me artistically inspired for a very long time. Love it. {the shoes above are from there. i am obsessed with them.}

this weekend, we have a halloween party at one of jon’s coworker’s house – still trying to think up costume ideas – i don’t want to buy anything, so i’m debating pulling out one of my 50’s day dresses, and going as a 50’s housewife. not too creative, but easy, and i won’t have to spend any money. which is always a plus. what are you guys dressing up as for halloween?

sorry for the picture quality – these were taken with the iPhone. and for the choppy nature of this post.



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2 responses to “happy thursday!

  1. I think I know the party you’re talking about, and Todd and I were actually going to go too, but something came up. Have a great time!
    Also – so jealous of your Anthro discount. You must smile every time you walk in the door!

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