the wanderlusters.


This blog is my new current obsession. Jon and I have often dreamt and discussed selling everything, packing the rest of our belongings into an RV and hitting the road. These two newlyweds are living our dream. In their own words, 2009 is their year for wandering:

“We’re spending the year on a spiritual quest, a re-prioritization of life priorities, and really digging into what it looks like to invest in a marriage.”

I mean really?? Does it get any better than this? I only hope that Jon and I are able to do this one day.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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4 responses to “the wanderlusters.

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, Rachel! You and your man should totally do it! It’s been such an amazing journey. It’s been better than we could have even planned. 🙂

  2. these are my friends! yay!!!! so glad you read their blog.

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