dear j.crew,

pleated dressrufflefloralcardyrufflypleats

this fall, i love you more than i ever have before. i love all your ruffly, pleated, soft goodness. maybe you should hire me so i can afford to buy your clothes. you know you want me to wear them. we would be so happy together.



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5 responses to “dear j.crew,

  1. yes yes yes! j.crew is my favorite. i went a little nutso there this fall – shirts, sweaters, a skirt. so pretty pretty!

  2. once i am gainfully employed again i will be going nutso there. i mean really?? when have they ever had this much adorable stuff???? love it! and i love your blog:) just thought you should know!

  3. I couldn’t agree more Rachel! I just wish I could afford all their beautiful pieces!!

  4. Traci Davies

    I hear you. Unemployment creates a super annoying catch 22…you have more time than ever to check out the latest things at the latest stores- but you have no money to buy what you find. Urg.

  5. Jennifer Bezaire

    Yeah, their stuff is pretty awesome right now!! I want so much of it (and have purchased none 😦 They need to have a really good sale soon 😉

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