updates on my seemingly boring life.


1) laying in bed, listening to husband sleeping next to me, while catching up on some much needed Google Reader time. I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blogs!

2) shop update coming tomorrow or wednesday! yay! a couple of new headbands are below – I will be posting these, as well as a few new designs for fall. cannot wait! had a fabulous party tonight at my sister’s house – thanks to everyone who showed up!


3) I have had my windows open for well over a week now. there is absolutely nothing better than falling asleep with a cool breeze blowing across my face.

4) dreaming about my future. what will it involve? thoughts have been scattered, but always come back to a bakery/coffeehouse/vintage store all in one. cannot wait for this to begin.

5) worrying less about finances and focusing more on spending time with those I love and doing things I love. it helps. it really does.

6) being patient and learning to wait on God’s timing for things. we all know His timing is rarely ever our timing. its a hard lessong to learn, but i am doing my best.



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2 responses to “updates on my seemingly boring life.

  1. Your headbands are gorgeous! I can’t wait to hear all about your future plans. The bakery/coffeehouse/vintage store sounds amazing. I can tell you that I would visit often. 🙂

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