dear blog,


i’m so sorry i’ve been so absent the last few weeks. i’ve felt very un-inspired of late, and have even been a little down in the dumps when it comes to the perfect job hunt, so i took it out on you. i didn’t post on you. i stayed away for fear i would post a poor pitiful me blog post. but then fall came. it got cold outside, and as i was driving through nashville the other day, i saw the first signs of the leaves changing. and it made me so very happy. i just had to come back and let you know! fall is my absolute favorite time of year – there is nothing better than tights, and scarves, and cider, and homemade hot cocoa, and snuggling under the covers, and all those other fun things that the cold weather allows that the horrible hot summer did not.


ps. i promise i will start visiting you more often dear little blog. i hate that i neglected you for so long.

{image via ffffound!}


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4 responses to “dear blog,

  1. tracidavies


    i’ve missed you and your blog. as someone who has had to do the whole “job search” thing twice in the past year…I totally understand. It can be such a frustrating process.

    I’m glad that fall and all that goes with it is cheering you up. I know you fill find something in time…or you could just have a baby and stay home 🙂 Lets have lunch soon…i’m serious this time, lets plan something!!

    • hii lovely! thank you sosososo much for your comment. i miss you so much, and wish i was still able to see your face every day!! definitely, lunch soon. please! and haa on the baby comment. you first!!!

  2. cute post! and great picture.

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