so sorry, dear blog.


so sorry, lovely blog, for being absent as of late. i’ve found myself increasingly busy trying to find a job, decorating, thrifting, spending time with amazing friends and preparing for my first ever Flights Of Fancy party {which was a total success!}. but i’m back now and will hopefully not have any more long absences again.


husband and i recently went and saw Julie & Julia with some friends, and to say i loved it doesn’t quite come close. i literally sat, hands clasped, smiling at the screen the whole time {well, minus a couple of scenes i may have teared up in}. i know not everyone shares my love for the movie, but i was inspired. so i did what everyone else in America who didn’t already own MtAoFC did {as proved to me by the fact that almost every copy was sold out at my local Borders} – i bought it. and i think i am going to try to make 1 recipe a week from it, just to expand my measly cooking repertoire.maybe i will even start a cooking blog, like the fabulous ditty cooks, who just posted an amazing squash macaroni and cheese that i can’t wait to try.

{image via ffffound!}


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2 responses to “so sorry, dear blog.

  1. ditty1013

    Aw, you’re so sweet. 🙂 I’m very excited to see what you end up cooking!

  2. So happy I found this blog:) It’s adorable! Would you like to add one another as followers to help get our name out there in blog world !? 🙂

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