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My love for Urban Outfitters and my need to make things have just collided – Urban Outfitters now has a DIY section (which may or may not be new – I just found it online, so its new to me!) selling all sorts of things that help people be a little more crafty, from printing presses to screen-printing kits to Bob Ross painting kits. Check out some of my favorites below!

Singer Sewing Machine

Singer Sewing Machine

The Printmaking Bible

The Printmaking Bible

Bob Ross Paint Set

Bob Ross Paint Set

anyone want to be crafty with me?

p.s. i had to include that last one because it cracked me up.


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5 responses to “making stuff…

  1. Mallory and I talked about taking a sewing class. Maybe we should all take one together? 🙂

    Love the Bob Ross paint set – do you think it shows how to paint a “happy little tree?”

  2. Jennifer

    I want to be crafty with you! 🙂

  3. I have had a hankering to get a button-maker… Do people still buy/wear buttons? I just love them.

  4. ooooh, I bought a silkscreening kit before we left Texas last year and STILL haven’t broken it out. It sits sadly in our storage unit waiting for me to return and use it. Wonder how similar that print making kit is???

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