dear zooey & joseph,


(500) Days Of Summer was adorable even if husband didn’t like it and thought it tried way too hard. I loved you both before, and I love you more now.

Thanks for making a movie that was written for me {and people like me}. I appreciate it.

p.s. joseph – you are more adorable now than when i had a crush on you when you were in Angels In The Outfield and Ten Things I Hate About You. i like that about you.



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4 responses to “dear zooey & joseph,

  1. Cheryl

    Haha, Angels in the Outrfield!!! I totally crushed on him back in elementary (??) school. And he was even more adorable in 3rd Rock.
    Have to admit I only saw 10 Things fairly recently…

  2. this movie is playing nowhere near me! 😦
    sad sad sad

  3. oooh can’t wait for this movie, I think they make a very cute couple…cheers to the casting director!


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