you are some kind of wonderful to me.


i know, dear readers, i have been slacking on my blogging. these last few weeks have been insanely busy, and i’ve barely had time to sleep, let alone blog. i feel slightly lost not posting on here though, so i will be better. enough of that though, this post is supposed to be about my dear husband.

happy birthday husband!!

this is our 6th birthday of yours together. you were only 20 when we started dating, and now you are the ripe old age of 26. although i didn’t know for sure then that we would get married and live happily ever after, i did know that you were special, and that i wanted whatever it was that we had to lead to happily ever after. and i’m so thankful that you felt the same way.

each year has been full of incredible moments, both wonderful and difficult, that have taught us a lot about ourselves and brought us closer together. i can’t wait to share more of those moments (especially the wonderful ones) with you.

thank you for being the best husband ever, and the one person that complements me better than i ever could have imagined. you are my other half, and i can’t imagine my life without you.

i love you dear husband. hope this next year is full of more blessings and amazing moments than you can count. xoxo.

{image via i can read}

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  1. hey dear one,

    I just wanted to comment on this and tell you how happy you make me and how thankful I am for all we have. It’s been a rough week but think about all the support and love we have already been shown.

    You make me tremendously happy and I can’t wait to celebrate more years with you. 🙂

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