those darlins.


I am so sad I didn’t get to see these ladies {and the myriad of other artists i didn’t see because i didn’t get to go this year} at Bonnaroo – but I will most definitely be at the album release show at Mercy Lounge at the end of the month.

So. Much. Fun.

Both of the following quotes sum them up well:

BEST OF NASHVILLE & NEXT BIG NASHVILLE PICK “If history has taught us anything, it’s that punk rock and old-time country music have more in common than anyone would have ever suspected. The Murfreesboro, Tenn., trio known as Those Darlins illustrate this truism. [They] banded together over their love of The Carter Family’s deadpan, crazed music and bring an energy to live performance that recalls the antics of punk heroes such as The Cramps…If the folks who ran the Grand Ole Opry had any sense, Those Darlins would be hawking Goo Goo Clusters and stirring up audiences with originals such as “The Whole Damn Thing,” a tale of unrepentant chicken-eating.” -EDD HURT, Nashville Scene

NY TIMES PICK “This young country trio from Murfreesboro, Tenn., is a tangle of bare legs, cowboy boots and Southern sass. In defiance of its moniker, the band is resolutely unladylike: “I got drunk and I ate a chicken/I ate a chicken I found in my kitchen/Not just a leg and not just a wing/I’d like to let you know that I ate the whole damn thing,” they yelp over acoustic guitar and mandolin. The band’s songs, which can be deliciously unserious, are as memorable as they are charming.” -Amanda Petrusich, NY Times

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