Sorry, dear blog, for being a little MIA this week. You see, I’ve been online, but instead of posting on you, I’ve been pouring over the IKEA and Urban Outfitters websites, trying to decide what I want to decorate my house with. This will be my first ever trip to IKEA, and I am so so so excited about it. These are a few of the items I hope to be purchasing tomorrow when I head down to Atlanta for the great shopping trip of ’09.

ASKER container{ikea}

gray rug

{urban outfitters}

KNAPPA light{ikea}

{urban outfitters}

KORT Art card{ikea}

so sorry, dear little blog. i promise i won’t be so neglectful next week – i just need to focus on decorating and painting this weekend!


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2 responses to “MIA

  1. Jeff and Ashley

    I was excited to see your place post painting but now I’m even more excited to see it post painting and decorating!!!!!!! – Ash

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