it’s baaaaaack.

So I made the mistake of picking up these books again this weekend while in Kansas City. I finished the first two by the time we landed back in Nashville, and the obsession is back. In a major way.

yep - obsessed.

yep - obsessed.

I can’t stop thinking about it. I believe in vampires when I read the books (kind of like how I believe Quidditch is really possible while reading any and all the Harry Potter books). Its a sickness that I cannot (nor do I really want to) get over. And now I am scouring the internets for anything I can find that I haven’t read, watched or obsessed over.

So there you go internet.
My life is consumed with a beautiful sparkly dazzling vampire.

And I am not ashamed.


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11 responses to “it’s baaaaaack.

  1. Sad. So very sad. 😉

  2. You are forgiven for this post ONLY because you look so totally adorable in that picture.

  3. Annie

    have you watched true blood yet? it’s goooood.

    • YES!! and i’ve read most of those books too – granted Bill doesn’t hold a candle to Edward in my opinion, but I still love he and Sookie! I’m ready for the new season to start!

  4. Loves it! This is why you will always and forever be my Twilight Godmother.

    We will be offering you a special invitation to come in as a guest reader for our next… project. Coming soon. 😉

  5. HA. it kind of makes me happy that you know enough to make a connection like that. I don’t feel quite so ashamed now. and I like your blog a lot – thanks for commenting so I could find it:)

  6. Megan

    That’s okay. We all have our thing. Mine is Star Trek…and Lee Pace and Iron Man II and… 🙂

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