a fresh start.

jon and i didn’t go out on new years – mainly because i had a migraine and a sinus infection (which i am still suffering from the tail end of). honestly though? i’m kind of glad we didn’t have big plans. 2008 was a hard year for me, both personally, and through seeing what some close friends of mine went through. i didn’t much feel like celebrating a year where i saw dreams, love, trust, and many more things completely shattered.

i myself went through some stuff, and i have to say, i am glad 2008 is over. 2009 is a fresh start. a new year. a beginning to what i hope will be the best year yet in my marriage.

2008, granted, wasn’t all bad. i developed new friendships, that i feel are lasting. i started a new job, which so far, i love. my baby sister got married to an amazing guy who is absolutely perfect for her. i discovered the twilight series, and realized i could crush on a fictional character, and am completely unashamed to let people know. friends graduated, got pregnant, engaged. i got my second tattoo, which i love. and so much more. i have a lot to be thankful for.

tonight though, i sit in bed, and am having a hard time focusing on the good, because some of the hard, trying things are outweighing it right now.

and this is why i should probably be sleeping at 12:30am, instead of blogging. ha. that’s what i get.


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3 responses to “a fresh start.

  1. I’ve found that it’s important to acknowledge the bad as well as the good. The key is to acknowledge what you’re feeling, label it, and then let it go. If you try and push all the negative feelings under the surface, they don’t go away. But if you allow yourself to feel them fully and look at them for what they are, then they’ve served their purpose and can fly off to wherever emotions go to die. 🙂

    One of my twitter friends also introduced me to the fabulous mantra of “not always so,” which works as a great reminder to live in the present. When things are bad, you can take comfort in it, and when things are good, you can be encouraged to enjoy it fully while it’s happening.

    Enough philosophizing from me on this early Wednesday morning. 🙂 Hope you managed a good night’s sleep post-blogging!

  2. Sleeping is for suckers. Haha.

    I agree with you about 2008 being craptastic.

    This year its TWO THOUSAND MINE!!!

    (you can steal that if you’d like)

  3. kibbe – HA! i love it. i may very well make two thousand mine my year long slogan;)

    ditty – you are amazing, my friend. feel free to philosophize on my blog anytime you want. i appreciate it, and it was much needed.

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