happy. new. year.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything… sorry internet for being away so long.

Christmas and New Year’s came and went. Nothing too eventful. Just a lot of good time spent with family and friends. Big present: 42 in HD TV. Oh yes. It’s a beautiful thing. Especially since we upgraded to it from something that I believe was less than20 inches.

I think I have decided to take some online classes this year. I’m really interested in learning more about graphic design, and see if anyone offers design classes online. Thoughts? If you know an accredited school that does, let me know! I found out this week that my work provides tuition reimbursement for classes that could help my job, which I definitely think graphic design classes could do. So there’s that to look forward to.

Also, I think Jon and I may be going to visit our dear leslie boehms in chicago around Easter. i’m super excited about that. also, justice is playing one of the nights we plan on being there. yesssss:)

jon just sent me the live coverage of the macworld expo keynote. so i’m going to go back to being a nerd and find out just what apple is up to.

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  1. so it seems like we’re on the same life journey.

    before we left houston in march, we upgraded our tv to a 42″. it is a blessed thing! we love it.

    i too am taking some online classes. i finished my first event planning course last month and tomorrow i begin a speed spanish class! i’m super excited… damn… i wish i knew how to say that in spanish… mi mucho excitedo! soon, very soon!

    you should look at mtsu. most public schools in the nation all have the same continuing studies online course system. in fact, the events course i took is offered through mtsu as well. i don’t know if they have gd classes though. anyway, they’re cheap, like $100. also, you should see if a local arts school has something. you’ll pay more but it will be quality. also, if you’re just trying to learn programs, set yourself up with an account with lynda.com. i used it first at gma to learn filemaker pro. it’s basically online tutorials. love it!
    have you heard about the new macbook air yet? it’s amazing! crap, there goes another $2000

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