movies i want to see

I’ve started a list of movies I want to see right now. It drives me crazy when so many good, promising-looking movies come out at the same time. I mean really, who can afford to go see ALL of the movies they want to? I’m going to attempt to see a lot of these though, especially while they are still in theatres.

Darfur Now
Love In The Time Of Cholera
Fred Claus
I’m Not There
August Rush
No Country For Old Mean
Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead

I’ve probably missed some too. I’m most excited about Juno. It looks like the type of movie I like most. Funny, yet thoughtful and sweet. Comes out on Wednesday, so I’m hoping to make it opening night!!!

 Edit: Thanks for pointing out the one I missed that I want to see most of all!!! (Well, that and Juno)
the amazing Sweeney Todd

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  1. No Sweeney Todd??? Surely you must have simply forgotten that one. 😉 Enchanted is just lovely by the way. Highly recommended. And Juno looks awesome as well! Can’t wait for that one.

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