Christmas time…

So today, we helped my family set up their Christmas tree. I ended up having a severe allergy attack midway through putting the tree together (one of the most real looking fake trees I have ever seen), thanks to the dust from it being in a box for the past 11 months, so I wasn’t able to help finish that. We were listening to Michael W. Smith’s new Christmas album (thank you work for my comp CD), and parts of it sounded like the Home Alone soundtrack. Much to our surprise, my family’s exchange student, Julia, said she had never seen the movie before!! I was shocked. Mainly because it was such a BIG part of my childhood. I watched that one and the second one ALL the time. So we decided, we would go rent it after finishing the tree. The whole family, including Justin, piled onto the couches and we started watching it. I have to admit, I may have dozed off a few times, having not quite caught up on my sleep from the shopping day before, but the movie was everything I had remembered. Julia loved it, which is the exact response we wanted:)

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