macaroni & cheese

Ahh Thanksgiving. I truly do love this holiday season because once we are through thanksgiving, then there’s my birthday and then Christmas! This year was a little different though. Normally we go to my grandparents and have a Southern cooked meal. However, my cousin got married this weekend in Dallas, so my grandparents and my aunt & uncle went down there. We joined my other aunt and uncle and cousins at their house in Old Hickory for Thanksgiving this year. Didn’t really know how it was going to be, since it was out of the ordinary, and I really enjoy the traditional feast at my grandparents. I was pleasantly surprised though. We had a great time, and it gave us a chance to spend some quality time with my cousins, one of which reminded me that when we were younger, we used to cry when we had to leave each other. Cute.

We decided to go ahead and come to my parents house after Thanksgiving dinner to spend the night, so that my sister, Julia and I could get up at the crack of dawn and join all the other psycho people shopping on Black Friday. So that’s where I am now… about to go to sleep, since it is now after midnight. Hope everyone else had a great thanksgiving as well!!!

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