how do I pick?

Jon posts on this messageboard quite frequently (think: every day) of music junkies like us, who are of the more production minded descent. Every year, or at least since we’ve been married (so I exaggerate) they put together a Best of 2007 list, where everyone posts their top songs from 2007. Inspired by this, I have decided that I too should put together a list. I would classify myself as a music nerd, sometimes opting to buy new music over many other things that I should put first (i.e. clothes, food, etc.), therefore, I think I could put together a pretty good list.

However, there was so much music put out in 2007 that is truly amazing.  Wherein lies my problem: How do I pick my top 20 when there’s just so much? I don’t know that I can even narrow it down to 20 Albums. I have about 35 albums on my list right now, which equates to roughly 375 songs. I’m really excited about the task set before me, but I keep realizing what a task it is. Plus, it has to be good, or my music nerd husband will pick on me.

Anyone else out there working on a Best of 2007 list? Be it music, movies, books?

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