really? a sprained what?

I noticed this weekend that I was having some jaw pain. well, not some jaw pain. A lot of jaw pain. To the point that yawning or even chewing hurt like crazy. So this morning, I go to the doctor. Who informs me I have a sprained TMJ. Wikipedia tells me this:

Temporomandibular joint

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Temporomandibular joint is the jaw joint and is frequently referred to as TMJ. There are two TMJs, one on either side, working in unison. The name is derived from the two bones which form the joint: the upper temporal bone which is part of the cranium (skull), and the the lower jaw bone called the mandible.

So there’s that. I have a sprained Temporomandibular joint. Thanks wiki for making me understand when the doctor uses terms I don’t understand.

Things I was told: Eat soft foods. (check – lots of chicken noodle soup with crackers mashed up in it). Hot compress at nights (haven’t actually done this yet). And Aleve. All that and the only pain killer I get is Aleve.

Oh. He then gave me the name and number of an oral surgeon in case I am still in pain in a week.

Thanks doc. 

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  1. it’s all that makin’ out with the new hubby! wink* wink*

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