Darjeeling and no chocolate hot chocolates

Jon and I spent about an hour wandering around the new shopping center in Green Hills today. Went into Whole Foods for the 3rd time since its opening to grab a hot chocolate. The guy who was making our drinks was very excited about our hot cocoas, as he called them. Well, since they were too hot to drink right away, we decided to walk around some more. After about 10 minutes, we realized we were drinking steamed milk and whipped cream. Unfortunately, we had to head to the movie theatre to meet Katie for The Darjeeling Limited,  so we drank our steamed milks and went on our way.

The movie was really fantastic. I think I need to rewatch all of Wes Anderson’s films (and watch Rushmore for the first time, as I have never seen it). He really is a remarkable director. If you haven’t seen any of his films, you need to. Right now. This very instant. You will be sad that you have been missing out all these years.  

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