I’m writing this on my dear little iBook. Jon got her fixed, and I now have over double the space on my hard drive that I had previously. (which thrills me to NO end.) How I love having a computer again!

 I think I’m finally read to start picking out paint colors for our townhouse. After a YEAR of living here, the tan paint is getting to me. At least downstairs. I think I can deal with the upstairs being tan, as long as I get lots of pictures hung on the walls. However, we spend a lot of time in our living room. A TON of time. That is where we eat dinner, entertain guests, and really, just hang out. I feel it needs a makeover. I pulled out all my paint samples that I went and got nearly 8 months ago, and have started revisiting the possibility of figuring out exactly how to paint my downstairs (all the rooms are connected, so its difficult to paint one room, without having to pain the other rooms the same color). So that will be my next little project. 

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