life without my iBook

Life without my iBook is a sad sad life.

About a month ago now… my hard drive crashed. I immediately took it to Apple’s genius bar, where they told me that my hard drive was gone. dead. no more. 1 week past my AppleCare end date. Of course. (I personally think they planned this.) My dear husband decided he would look into buying me a new hard drive, and installing it himself. All 57 steps of it. Then the dang thing was back ordered. But it finally came in. Today! Nothing can ruin my beautiful cold iBook hard drive day!

So tonight/tomorrow night/however long it takes… my laptop will be fixed, and I can once again join the tech world, and catch up on my Google Reader – I won’t bug Jon constantly because I am bored – I will be able to become a nerd again as I leave my office job and head straight home to sit on my computer. AHHHH. Life will be happy once more.

P.S. If this hard drive installing business doesn’t work, I will be sadly depressed. And may have to buy a MacBook. Which wouldn’t be a horrible thing. Except, we don’t really have the money for it. Dang.

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