happiness is a pumpkin spice latte

that’s right. they’re back. starbucks brought back their fall drinks. weather: it’s your turn!!


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3 responses to “happiness is a pumpkin spice latte

  1. Next time you guys are in KC, we need to go to a little coffee shop called Doozen’s. Starbucks is nice for convenience, but Doozen’s beats them by a long shot on quality and atmosphere. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed your trip!

  2. we were super sad we didn’t get to see you guys this trip. hopefully we will be back there in october/november and can grab coffee then:)

  3. you know, i just mentioned you to the Barista that made my Cinamon Dolche Latte while ago… he was saying that they had been much busier b/c people were so excited they had brought back this dink… haha

    thought it was funny, i just hope they don’t take the dolche away… I’ll be in trouble

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