i was in my first real car accident tonight. my car might even be totaled. jon has a picture here . i’m a little sore, but my boss is amazing and is letting me take the day off tomorrow if needed. the policeman said there was no clear person at fault, as i had pulled off to the right to head into the turn lane, and this guy just pulled out in front of me. we’re just going to let insurance fight it out.

it took about 2.5 hours for the policemen to get there. we were all a little irritated. luckily the people we met were pretty cool and we were able to sit and talk. we ended up grabbing chinese food, and dropping them off at their house after we got everything sorted out. random way to meet new people, but hey, at least i didn’t have an accident with some scary redneck with a gunrack and a confederate flag hanging in his truck.

so yeah. we’re hoping that my car will just be totaled at this point. i think it will just make dealing with everything a little easier.

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  1. Geez, I’m glad you’re all right! I still remember my first and only real car accident, and it was definitely a very emotionally jarring experience (though luckily mine was not as physically jarring). Definitely take it easy the next couple of days!

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