3 weeks and a day from now at midnight, i will be the proud owner of harry potter and the deathly hallows. i am so freaking excited. bethany and i are going at midnight to borders to pick our books up. i plan on coming home, drinking lots of coffee and sitting up all night long with it. i feel like a giddy child when i even let myself start thinking about it. ahhh!

the new movie comes out in a week and a half, which i am almost as excited about. the trailer looks A-mazing.

enough potter. how is everyone? i’m good:) work is fabulous. i get to go to my first photo shoot tomorrow. which will keep me out of the office for about 4-5 hours. i love photography, fashion, etc. so to see an actual photo shoot will be a dream for me!

mum’s in australia now. she left on monday, and won’t be back until the end of july. i so wish i could have gone with her. taken jon. he’s never met that side of the family. one day rachel. right now, we have the europe trip to plan. then australia.

i haven’t been reading this week nearly as much as i did in florida. we bought the new miranda july book no one belongs here more than you last week. its full of short stories. if you’ve never seen her movie me you and everyone you know, then stop whatever you are doing right now, go rent or buy it (because it is totally worth it) and watch. she is incredible. i love the way she thinks. so go now. 🙂 then buy her book!

i’m uploading our wedding pics finally too. i just have to figure out where to load them online. thoughts? flickr won’t let me load all, and photobucket sucks these days. so i’m looking into google’s picasa. any other suggestions?


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2 responses to “potter-ness

  1. Google’s good at everything, so I’d go with Picasa. 🙂 Actually, I’ve been reading a lot of good things about Picasa lately with their upgrades and whatnot. So that’s another reason I’d pick it. Can we vote for Google for president?

  2. oh please oh please? seriosuly. google would make a far better candidate than any currently in the running.

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