charlie died.

lost finale was tonight. we had a party. 🙂 pretty much my favorite thing in the world. i think that God has gifted me with a hospitable spirit. i LOVE having people over almost more than anything else. as much as i love mine and Jon’s quiet peaceful nights together, there’s something about having people here that excites me!! i love it. we have had two guys staying with us since Saturday night. they are leaving in the morning, and although i am excited about the amount of sleep i will get once they leave, i am really sad that they won’t be here anymore. they’re from seattle and have been on a massive roadtrip for at least the last month. seriously, that is one of the most amazing things ever. i cannot imagine just up and quitting my job, hopping in a car (van) and driving across the country. no agenda. just living one day at a time. it would be such a freeing experience. i totally respect both of them for this. totally incredible. if you didn’t get a chance to meet them, you missed out. i seriously love both of them so much, and wished they lived closer so maybe we could hang out with them more. but we are totally planning a trip to Seattle to visit. i should be sleeping right now. this is really rambling and long. probably because i have had to much to drink. (yeah, i just admitted it). but sometimes you just need it. megan leaves on friday. i am totally sad about that. i don’t think it has completely sunk in yet. i really feel like i will see her again in a few days. but it could be a few months. or longer. its kind of how i felt when amy left. i feel like she is going on a long vacation. but she’s not. she’s moving. about 15 hours away. and i don’t know what i will do without her here.

i’ve probably rambled way too much tonight. way way too much. but i seem to do that when my thoughts aren’t totally there. or i’m trying to not think about sad things.

p.s. my headline, in case you don’t watch lost, has to do with the show. not someone i know actually dying.

its time to sleep/

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