watermelon weather

these past two weeks have flown by. last weekend, my sister graduated from college (yay Abby!) and we had a party for her at my parents house to commemorate. party was a blast, and i should be posting pics soon on flickr. i’ll let you know when. the next day, we spent the entire day in the pool and riding bikes. and i have the sunburn (make that peeling back) to prove it. 🙂 i think jon and i have both decided that swimming is pretty much our favorite thing to do in the summer, so we’re heading to my parents again tomorrow to spend another day in the pool (edit: this time i will be smart and use sunscreen).

i think i’ve discovered that i really don’t have a favorite season. i’ve always thought it was fall, due to the brilliant colors and the smells and everything else that exudes fall-ness. but i’ve realized as each new season dawns, there’s something distinct and different i enjoy about each one. right now, i’m enjoying the fact that every weekend from here on out (if we feel like it) we can go spend by my parent’s pool. i’ve been in a strange mood lately. i feel like i am back in school, and have the ability to do anything at the drop of a hat. i really feel like the weather has done this to me! all i can think about is swimming, camping, road trips, staying out til all hours of the night, shows, hanging out with friends, etc. its really been exhilerating trying to figure out all i want to do this summer. i really don’t want this exuberance for life to go away though. i need to figure out some way to hold onto it. i don’t want it to fade, as summer turns to fall. it really is incredible to feel this way again. i think a lot of it also has to do with the new job. i feel so free here. free to bring ideas to the table. free to give my opinion out, and to question things. things i don’t understand, or things that i feel could be done better. blah blah blah. i talk about my new job too much!!!

be back later..

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  1. hi rachel – i have discovered your home on the web. well, maybe not home… myspace is probably home, and facebook is school… flickr your summer vacation. This here is probably your weekend retreat. hmm.

    hi rachel – i have discovered your weekend retreat on the web. you’ve got a nice place – i like what you’ve done with it!

    come on over and visit sometime (http://burnshead.blogspot.com)… i generally don’t talk about anything too important, but you’re welcome to leave sarcastic comments and join the fun.

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