everything is coming together.

new job starts tomorrow morning. i’m extremely excited and nervous all in one. pray for me!!

also, everything with my brother turned out ok. its a long long story, and if you haven’t heard it yet, but would like to, let me know.

but yeah. i’ll update more when i’m not tired on gma week and the doves and the fact that my husband was mistaken for an american idol contestant soon. (ha. that was a funny moment. who am i kidding. its still hilarious!!). all that will come later. for now, i am going to go sleep, so i can wake up, work out and begin my new job! much love!

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  1. Good luck on the new job! Glad to hear everything turned out okay with your brother. I’d been wondering, but was a little afraid to ask, to be honest, so it’s a relief to hear everything is fine. So Jon was mistaken for an AI contestant? Let me guess…Sanjaya? 🙂 Seriously, though, I’ve got to hear that story!

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