a new beginning

last week i received a call telling me i had been recommended for an open position at a record label here in nashville. over the course of 4 days, and not one actual interview, i had the job. it was mine.

it’s a weird feeling knowing that you have been so highly recommended that someone will hire you without a formal interview. but every time i have ever gotten a job, it has not been because i am a killer interviewee. it’s because someone cared enough about me, that they thought to put their good word in to someone who mattered. and that seriously has made all the difference.

my first job was at safari pet resort. the owners are family friends. they overheard i was looking for somewhere to work while going to MTSU. and they hired me. 5 years later (yes, i took 5 years to graduate from college), i was still happily working there. i grew to love them as my second family. i discovered a passion for animals i really didn’t think existed. and because of the fact that i did such a good job there, they actually let me come back a year after quitting, to work on saturdays. just because i missed it.

the summer before i graduated, i received an internship at my current place of employment, the GMA. i didn’t really know what i was getting myself into. over the course of the summer, i developed some lasting relationships. this was the kind of place where i felt like i could belong. i really loved the events that they held every year for people in all places and jobs in this industry. i knew it was somewhere i could work and be happy.

four months later, they hired me.

2.5 years later. i have made some of the best friends of my life. people i know i will remain in close contact with. people who know more about me than some of my oldest friends. people i have grown to adore, and would give anything for. i’m not saying my time here has been perfect. it has been far from that. there have been hard times. sad times. times when i thought if i had to walk through that front door again i would lose my mind. but i persevered, knowing that God had a reason for me being there. i’m still not exactly sure what that reason is, but I know His hand was on me while there. and whether or not i know if i changed anything or anyone, i was there because He put me there.

and now my time has come to a close. i have a new job awaiting me in less than 3 weeks. new people to meet. new tasks to accomplish. a new purpose. and i am scared. and excited. i don’t really know what the next year holds for me, but i know that God is moving me to a new place. and i wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than here.


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2 responses to “a new beginning

  1. Congrats on the new job (and the new blog)! Hope all is well. 🙂

  2. Megan

    Oh! I’m sad and yet I’m SOOO happy for you. I don’t know if I should leave you one of these 🙂 or one of these 😦 All I know is right now I feel like one of these 😦 But I know later I’ll have one of these 🙂

    Love you too AND I’m SO HONORED to be one of your favorite people. Definitely one of these 😀

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